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Since our founding in 2006, Athletes for a Cure has raised nearly $5 million to proudly support the efforts of the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) to raise funds and awareness for the fight against prostate cancer.

We’re an athletic-based organization and we like to compete and that’s why we support an organization like the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Since 1993, PCF has been a major catalyst for many of the scientific advances in prostate cancer research. PCF finds and funds the very best research and scientists around the world.
Why Research?
“To get to a world without prostate cancer, we need research. Research is funding. And, thanks to the thousands of Athletes for a Cure around the country, funding is coming.”
-Dr. Jonathan Simons, President and CEO of the Prostate Cancer Foundation

Prostate cancer is no longer a death sentence; there is hope. That simply was not true five years ago. And five years from now, we’ll have grandfathers, fathers, uncles and brothers alive who never would have been if it hadn’t been for a common commitment to put prostate cancer out of business through research.

There is a moment up ahead where men will no longer be treated unnecessarily, where every man and family has the right information about prostate cancer.

With resolve and a total commitment of putting money in the hands of the very best doctors and scientists, prostate cancer will lead the way as the first major cancer to simply cease to be a cause of death and suffering.

Why PCF?
All this may one day be a reality, thanks in no small part to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. PCF has awarded more than 2,000 research projects that offer hope for improving outcomes in patients with prostate cancer as well as better diagnostics and testing for those that may have the disease. These high-impact projects include clinical research to evaluate new drugs, novel treatment strategies for prostate cancer, basic science research to better understand the biology of prostate cancer, as well as better tests to determine whether a man has prostate cancer and how severe his own case may be.

At the same time, PCF funds key clinical trials as part of its efforts to shorten the time between drug development and FDA approval. In the past four years, PCF-funded science has seeded, in some cases invented, developed, and accelerated to patients six new, life-extending, FDA approved drugs for advanced prostate cancer.

We are incredibly proud of the work of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and together we are all part of a community that has helped reduce United States prostate cancer deaths by 30%.

PCF-Funded Research
In 2013, PCF funded 28 new Young Investigator awards, these awards are given to scientists early in their careers to encourage them to continue to research prostate cancer in the future.

Learn more about the 2013 Young Investigators by visiting:

Learn more about PCF’s research accomplishments by visiting:

Fundraising Efficiency
100% of funds donated to Athletes for a Cure directly support the efforts of the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation spends 83% of the funds it receives to empower the world’s top scientific minds by cutting red tape and encouraging collaboration to speed breakthroughs by funding ground-breaking research and helping raise awareness for the disease.

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